Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Birthstone Dolls by Angelina

Please visit to see the dolls that Angelina, one of my 7 year old daughters has designed. She also helped to create her own website to show the dolls.
If you wish to order one you can do so at
There are only 2 days left before the Introductory Price($10 off) ends and the full regular price begins on November 1, 2008.
These dolls have been so popular already that some of the dresses are now on back order but our seamstress in China says she can replenish our supply in time to fill orders for Christmas.
So if you want to order one please do so immediately.
Payment will not be required until the doll is ready to ship.
By ordering now you save $10 off the regular price and we will know exactly how many of each dress to have the seamstress make.

Thank-you very much and we hope you enjoy your sprecial Doll of the Month.
Warm Regards,
Marcia - mom to Angelina, Christalina & Demetria

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